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The A. Mauri
is an ISO 9001:2000
certified Company.


The production of A.Mauri includes special shapes realized through proceedings of cold roll forming of di pickled sheet bands, cold rolled section bands, zinc plated bands and Sendzimir, inox bras and aluminium bands. Production begins on drawings of customers, developed in cooperation with our technical department, thus satisfying the need of automotive, building, naval, thermic and furniture markets.

Our production lines cover sheet width till 800mm, with thicknesses which can be adjusted from 0.3 to 4 mm and lengths until 12500 mm. These features allow to satisfy easily every specific customer request.

The profiles are produced in commercial bars or cutted in required lenghts. The productive structure also permits to realize precision bended shapes.

Finally, a big know-how of project and the development of special roll forming production lines, together with other operating machines and robots, allow our firm to realize very complex products. We have in our plant a 3D CO2 laser welding system, that allows us to perform high quality weldings.

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