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The A. Mauri
is an ISO 9001:2000
certified Company.

stabi.jpg (14874 bytes) The A. Mauri e Figli S.r.l was estabilshed in the 50s as manufacturer of accessories for cars and motorbikes; since the beginning both quality of the production and the wide range of products they offered, allowed them a very good position in the Italian and foreign market.

In the following years, the industrial improvement pushed the company to specialize in cold roll forming technology and to orientate towards the production of items researched and developed on customer's specifics and drawings.

In the 80s, in order to satisfy the requests of customers, production has been enlarged and new processings like forming and robotics assembling have been introduced, allowing to propose and furnish complete, already assembled and tested items.

The continous improvement of quality and the attention given to the evolution of the possibilities of use of shapes, allowed the company to offer a wide range of components, in order to satisfy the various and particular demands amongst different branches: automotive and naval industry, building, furnishing, hydro and electric engineering plants, ecc.

Nowadays the plant of A.Mauri includes 19 productive line of forming, punching and assembling.The quality of products is ensured by the high tecnological know-how of product and processing and by the systematic tests to which products are subordinate during the different phases of the pruductive cycle. These tests are performed both directly on the production lines, and in a proper material testing lab.

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